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A media generator and aggregator to celebrate positive race relations and identity!

An Introduction

The Positive Identity is a media generator and aggregator to celebrate positive race relations and identity! We're based out of Los Angeles, California and we gather and generate content from America and around the world. We currently focus on the four major American racial classification groups, Asian, Black, Hispanic, and White people, but also excitedly share stories of Native, Mixed and other people as well. Throughout the week we find content to uplift race relations, see the best of each other and give people positive self-identity. The goal is that people use that perception change to take action and help make the world a better place.


What is The Positive Identity?

The Positive Identity is a media entity dedicated to the idea that if we see the best in who we are and in who others are, it will change our perception to see the good in others and be inspired to do good ourselves. By loving who others are and who we are and then spreading that love, it will do wonders to create positive unity for all.
The creation of The Positive Identity is driven by a greater dream, yet exists as a new racial movement to address current social climate. TPI was founded in part to push back against the division created by the collapse of modern race relations in America. See links below for further reading.
The US, a country with the ideal of a society being united beyond identity or race has found itself more than ever being torn apart by those very elements. When there is a problem, new solutions are tried until we find things that work. Considering racial division is at statistical highs, and hate group growth is at record levels, we can't rely on the current ways only and must continue to assertively try new ways to reject hate and create unity.
It’s time for a new movement and a new approach to race. One driven not by special interests but by the people. People who should be empowered because they are the ones that must have the power to make that change. A movement that doesn't seek to divide us based on our worst, but brings us together by our best for positive unity.
That is The Positive Identity.
The Positive Identity looks to reject the mistrust, division, and alienation that people feel. In a world where it seems like only negativity reigns, we want to create positivity. To be clear, we must never stop seeking to fix the world and addressing the wrongs in it. Many have suffered along the way and we as a society must do everything in our power to heal those who have been hurt. But we must also know what we're fighting for. Because if we only see the darkness of the world, that is all we'll ever get. At TPI, we want to be that light in the world. We want to celebrate who you are, who others are and how we’re working together to improve the world. We aim to spread and create stories that show the good people of all identities are doing for each other and the world. However we do things a little differently. While we want to change the world, we realize that true change comes from within. The foundation of this system of thinking comes from one age-old philosophy.
"Love your neighbor as yourself.”
How can you love others if you don’t know how to love yourself. Whether you’re Black or White, you must love who you are. You must love being Hispanic, Asian and anything else. You must celebrate the members of your community who have done good in the world in the world and be inspired by them. Seek to emulate them. Then celebrate the achievements of other communities as well. Celebrate each other and then work together to succeed even greater than before. Perception guides action and we aim to change perception.
You can only be a greater person or have others be greater by first seeing them as such. We aim to share stories that show great people of all identities which you can also share and spread as well. Stories of people doing things that we know that you and others can do as well. We know that many of you care, like we do. You want to do something, anything to see things change. While many these days wonder what our place is in society, on social media and on the internet, we believe these platforms are opportunities for great good. We know that sharing and supporting stories like this changes people. It changes other people for the better who see stories like this. Sharing these stories  and supporting others will even change you for the better. The people in your life will see you supporting Asian, Black, Hispanic and White, in addition to Native, Mixed, Other and beyond. They'll see you supporting people in the good they do and in turn they'll support you in becoming that greater person.
Furthermore, by highlighting the positive things people of your identity group have done, it helps to give you confidence in your success, teach you what “success” is and helps you understand how to succeed. Different identity groups in America and the world have different experiences. So advice for one group of people make not be as useful as advice for other groups. Also defining what success is can be different for different people. Some people think success is getting wealthy and famous; others believe that they should have a family, others think it’s activism, for others its following God, and so forth. We primarily feel success is being a moral person who works in service to others. As such we seek to highlight all the different ways people are 'doing good' among various communities. 
Lastly we live in a diverse world. By seeing the best of other communities you will have a far greater outlook on life. Instead of repulsing yourself from other communities, exposure to the good they do will have you drawn to them instead. Having a positive self-image and a positive image of others will make you more driven, smarter, and eclectic in what you want to accomplish. 
Let’s go back to our motto. We are here because we want change for America and The World. 'Love your neighbor as yourself'. See the good in yourself, see it in others, they see it in you and soon you'll both be helping each other more and more and perpetuating that good. This will create a feedback loop, where your help of others will cause them to help you and thus radically improve you all. We have to change this idea that we're in competition with each other and to do that means to change perception and then action. The success of others doesn't mean our failure. The success of others should mean our success as well because we know they're helping us, on our side and rooting for us to succeed as well.
We all agree to the shared values of Democracy/Republics, Human Rights, Global Charity, Scientific Progress, Cultural Greatness and so forth. So let's celebrate how we’re succeeding in these values and how others are succeeding! Then, let’s take action on those feelings. By seeing the best in ourselves and others we open the door to radical and exponential self-achievement, community achievement and united global progress.
Right now in the world, it seems like things are getting worse. At TPI we argue that we don’t have to let the world define who we are. We still have the power to define the world.
Let's celebrate the positive things that Asian, Black, Hispanic, White people and all other communities have done to create a better world. And then let's take action to give more to celebrate.

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Cross cultural communication


This is the section where we provide some supporting documentation to this endeavor. As always with anything, no one ever is in total agreement. From presidents, to ideologies, to colors, to music to even paper or plastic, people rarely agree completely on anything. However our mentality is this. There will always be disagreement about the methods and system, but if we can save just one life, it is worth it.

Please see supporting articles and papers discussing race relations and positive solutions to human sociology.


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The Positive Identity team. We're friends who came together to make this because we believe that we have the power to make a greater world.

Ron Bush 

Is a Stand Up comedian, Actor, Director, Writer, Cool ass Black guy, cool ass Gay Guy, Cool Ass Black Gay Guy, Cool Ass Gay Black guy Comedian...that tells jokes. He's from Philly but based on LA. He mixes personal stories mixed with social commentary to make a point. Folks in LA have started calling him the "Scariest Gay Man in America" Ron finds that hilarious. So he has to talk about himself in third person. It is very weird to him. He does quite enjoy using soaring platitudes to balance the delusions of grandeur. Ron advocates for The Positive Identity because he believes in the good of people, yes you too. You can find his comedy at RonBushOnline.com

Trish Thi

Is an Asian-American filmmaker dedicated to exploring the stories of women, people of color.  As the daughter of refugees, Trish has always been fascinated by the complexities of identity, perceptions of others who are “different”, and what it means to be American as a person of color.  Through her work, she aims to bring awareness and inspiration to audiences.

Stephen Grey

Is a White-American filmmaker by day and a social advocate by night. Born with Asperger’s Syndrome, he’s set out to Hollywood to partner with the outsiders of society like him by making films to tell their stories and support them through advocacy. Stephen’s filmmaking themes focus on stories of people that society thought were bad but were good and are heavily defined by Race Relations, Autism, Identity, Culture and Morality. He has produced films that cover the cultural spectrum and worked with filmmakers from all backgrounds. Stephen also moderates Embrace LA dinners where regular Angelenos talk about race, in addition to other advocacy. Stephen deeply loves America and believes this country has done great things… and that there's more greatness to come.



Many people feel powerless with the way things are going, down on themselves and down on each other. We want to change that. We want to send you things that make you feel better about yourself, others and most importantly, give you direction to actualize those feelings. And we want you to let the world know that you're not against anyone because of who they are, but you're with them. Everyone. If people know that you are on their side and that you feel empowered through the knowledge and confidence TPI brings, then we've succeeded. And then help others achieve as well. You should you see the greatness in yourself, and you should also see the greatness in what you can do for the world. Follow us on social media so you can spread the word about building a better self and a better world.


The Positive Identity is a user supported platform, free of corporate, big donor or government influence. To generate original content, we need the support of people like you who believe in a better world for people of all races and backgrounds. We believe that we all have a choice, and hope you choose to support emerging, cutting edge creators and changers as they look to make content that can make the world a better place for all.

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