Here’s who is getting Mackenzie Scott’s latest $2.7 billion donation

Mackenzie Scott is an American novelist and philanthropist, donating more than $8 billion since her divorce from Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder, about two years ago. Scott and her philanthropy team recently donated $2.74 billion to 286 organizations serving and building power for underfunded communities creating social progress. That comes out to be around $10 million per organization! Scott acknowledged that wealth is a product of collective effort that the working class has built. Redistributing that wealth into community support such as schools, orgs building interfaith peace, the arts, and orgs battling poverty and empowering women and girls is a powerful move for other philanthropists to follow suit.

I loved how Scott didn’t want the focus of this news to highlight her as the donor, but more so showcase the importance of the powerful work these community based organizations are doing and how they’re doing this work often without much praise at all. It’s time to pull the focus away from those with money and think about what they’re actually doing with that money to create positive change. The actions folks are taking to create a better equitable world leaves a lasting impression.

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