We are The Positive Identity, a movement dedicated to celebrating positive race relations by aggregating stories from Asian, Black, Hispanic and White people and beyond to bring us together and make a greater world!

Father Thanks Stranger for Entertaining Daughter in the Airport: ‘This is the world I want for her’
Former chef of Barack Obama to use $250,000 lottery winnings to feed the homeless
‘Guardian’ Officer Has Saved Over 200 People From Jumping Off the Golden Gate Bridge
Indian American Sikh Presented With Rosa Parks Award for Civil Rights
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When Homeless Man Finds $17,000 Outside of Food Bank, He Turns It In So It Can Help Feed Others
Immigrant Endures Misery in Search of American Dream, But Stays Positive Until a Brilliant Idea Unlocks it
Historic Black Church Blesses Howard University Students With $100,000 To Pay Off Loans
After Documentary Features Tearful Caterer Who Was Duped by Fyre Festival, Thousands Rally to Help
Man Cleans Up Brazilian Streets By Turning Discarded Tires into Cute Recycled Animal Beds


Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler Donates $500K to Open Up Another Home for Abused and Traumatized Girls
Disabled Workers Can Fulfill Their Love of Catering by Controlling Restaurant Robots From Home
GNN: Doctors Turn Down Pay Raise So Their Fellow Health Care Workers Can Get a Raise Instead
She appreciates her diverse heritage. She also encourages you to do the same.


WATCH: How a Father and Son Brought Clean Energy to Puerto Rican Town Post-Hurricane María

At The Positive Identity, we seek to promote stories about the good things people of different races and identities do for each other and the world. With the world these days focusing only on the worst of each other and ourselves, we seek to create a place where people of all communities can go to feel good about themselves and each other. By doing this, this shows that we stand definitively for all people and that we see the good in them. Most importantly reading these stories will remind ourselves that we're good people and the world is full of them. Finally, our goal is one day that it's you and us doing good and making news just like this.

Prince Ea has a take on race and makes a music video for the ages.

Telemundo: The hard fight against poverty of a Hispanic grandmother in the USA.

They say it's "The Most Inspiring Video Of All Time!" Let's find out.



Meet The Indian American CEOs Making Positive Changes In The Workforce
AsAmN: Steven Spielberg Gives Newcomers Win Morisaki and Philip Zhao a Big Break
Chef Ming Joins #ChefsForFeds To Feed Furloughed Federal Workers


Virginia Tech Finally Has A Black Graduate In Nanoscience and she is helping others
Beyoncé just wrote a big check to HBCUs after an earth-shattering Coachella set
He Rescued a Dazed Woman From Her Wrecked Car... Minutes Before It Exploded


NBC: A show gets it right on Latino representation and people want to renew it 
Thousands Took to the Streets to Protest Corruption in Peru, Boycotting Independence Day 
Zoe Saldana On A Mission To Promote Positive Latino Stories With Her Digital Platform BESE


The Chasid who Built a Church

When Cops See Boy Wearing Torn, Dirty Socks, They Return With New Shoes and Ice Pops
Good: Woman’s Life is Saved After She Posts Newspaper Ad For “Generous O Blood Type”



Many people feel powerless with the way things are going, down on themselves and down on each other. We want to change that. We want to send you things that make you feel better about yourself, others and most importantly, give you direction to actualize those feelings. And we want you to let the world know that you're not against anyone because of who they are, but you're with them. Everyone. If people know that you are on their side and that you feel empowered through the knowledge and confidence TPI brings, then we've succeeded. And then help others achieve as well. You should you see the greatness in yourself, and you should also see the greatness in what you can do for the world. Follow us on social media so you can spread the word about building a better self and a better world.


The Positive Identity is a user supported platform, free of corporate, big donor or government influence. To generate original content, we need the support of people like you who believe in a better world for people of all races and backgrounds. We believe that we all have a choice, and hope you choose to support emerging, cutting edge creators and changers as they look to make content that can make the world a better place for all.

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