Musician brings joy to strangers through music

Musician brings joy to strangers through music

One saying that I choose to live by is one that comes from the depths of creativity that lies within every person, one that is seemingly instinctual to us as children, but is tamped down by age if we are not careful enough. We create, therefore we live.

Creation is unrestricted throughout youth, up until society tries to only focus on “talent.” Creating for creation’s sake is seen as juvenile or childish, leading to a worldview of only creating what is useful, whether or not the act is enjoyable. This viewpoint continues to grow darker, with opinions that people are unwilling to do anything without it leading to some sort of gain. That people are inherently self-serving and lazy. Creation by this definition gives way to apathy with age.

We at the Positive Identity refuse this reality. We choose to focus on people like Daniel Morris of @Danielmorrismusic. When Daniel was unable to play viola in the traditional orchestra setting due to the COVID-19 restrictions in 2020, he didn’t shrug and hang up his instrument. He found a way to keep playing, offering personal (socially distanced) serenades for individuals or small groups at their homes. Without playing, he wasn’t living. He kept up his craft, bringing joy to others through the creation of music. Never stop creating Daniel!

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