Stop Asian Hate rally: Man asks protester for her Instagram without realising it’s Rihanna

Like #blacklivesmatter in and prior to 2020, #stopasianhate protesters have taken to the streets in 2021. These protestors aim to bring attention to and help prevent hate crimes targeting those of Asian identities. This movement has been spread among many other communities who have chosen to step up and show the Asian community that they are supported, while also displaying that this hate will not be accepted.

At one march in New York City, a protester was promoting the event via Instagram, taking photos of other protestors and approaching them afterward to ask if they would like to be tagged. To the photographer’s surprise, he encountered the singer Rhianna, not recognizing her until she shared her instagram with him. This could be in part due to the singer not having announced her attendance, choosing to let the event shine, rather than pulling the spotlight toward herself.

Seeing such an influential figure choose to attend the march shows her dedication to the cause, attending as an actual participant, rather than as a publicity event. We at Positive Identity are pleased to share such news, and encourage our readers to continue to support and follow the events of #stopasianhate. By acting with compassion and remaining diligence, we hope to show the Asian community that we have their backs and will not stand by and watch this continue.

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