This 4-Year-Old Superhero’s Quest To End Homeless Hunger Will Melt Your Heart

Black kid helps White homeless people by giving them food

Austin Perine Helps Homeless

One of the things we’re aiming to do with The Positive Identity is to create a movement. It’s not enough to just see ourselves and each other in a better light. We must also have to take action and change based on that perception. Austin didn’t care about race. He saw people who needed help and took action. Even further, ignore race for a second. This article here about Austin Perine is an ironic one. It’s a story about a little kid helping adults. You would think Austin would think he was the one who needed help. Instead he saw himself as someone who could create change and did just that. By helping the homeless, he become more of an adult then many. For anyone reading this take note. Do this for others and we’ll make sure that it’s you who we’re reporting on next.

Original Article About “President Austin”

COED: This 4-Year-Old Superhero’s Quest To End Homeless Hunger Will Melt Your Heart

Sometimes — rarely, but it happens — there are stories that remind us that all hope is not lost, that humanity can still be decent and pure. The story of 4-year-old Austin Perine — better known as President Austin — is definitely one of them.

Meet Austin Perine, a 4-year-old boy from Birmingham, Alabama, with the wildly admirable goal of feeding the homeless. But not only does Perine feed the homeless — he does so with undeniable flair as he turns into the caped superhero “President Austin” in order to carry out his mission.

Once a week, Austin and his father TJ Perine use the money that used to go to Austin’s toys or allowance to buy chicken sandwichs and soda to feed the city’s homeless. But how did a child not even old enough for kindergarten become inspired to help end hunger? Well, pandas.

According to CBS News, Austin’s desire to “do the right thing” began when he and his father were watching a TV show about pandas that a mama panda abandoning a baby. After TJ explained to his son that the panda cub was now homeless, Austin only had one question: “Are people homeless?”

Since then, Austin asked his parents to use his toy and allowance money on chicken sandwiches for the homeless instead.

via CBS News:

TJ says this all began when they were watching a TV show about pandas. It showed a mama panda abandoning a baby, and TJ told his son the cub was now homeless.

“He says, ‘What’s homeless?’ I said, ‘It’s when you don’t have a home and sometimes you don’t have mom or dad around,’” said TJ. That’s when Austin asked: are people homeless?

Once Austin learned some people are homeless — and some are hungry — he launched this caped crusade. Told his mom and dad that he wanted all his allowance and money they would spend on toys to go toward chicken sandwiches instead. After he gives out each sandwich, he gives each person a bit of advice. “Don’t forget to show love,” he tells them, and most do, immediately.

Raymont Baugh says this kid gives him hope. Everyone who meets Austin leaves with hope. That’s why, with any luck, someday “President Austin” won’t be a superhero anymore, he’ll just be a president.