How 2021 Needs Martin Luther King

Recording Date: 01/17/21

We need unity more than ever. As many people across the country see America tearing itself apart at the seams, Martin Luther King day appropriately meets us in the thick of it. In a country that is intensely divided, MLK sits at a 90% approval rating, loved on both sides of the political spectrum and seen as a guiding light and vision for how society should be.

But while he may be loved we must ask, we following Dr. King’s vision in 2021 America? What have we missed in his message that we must look deeply at to navigate these troubled waters.  As Ron and Stephen discover, Martin Luther King had messages that we don’t hear about that provide the key to how we should find peace, love and unity in time of incredible division.

“Positive Identity: It’s another week where we tell you inspiring and positive stories of people of different races doing good things for each other and the world. Then from there, we become better people and learn more how to make the world better for everyone.”

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