Instead of Skipping Graduation to Work at Waffle House, His Boss and Co-Workers Cooked up Miracles to Get Him There

Timothy Harrison of Center Point, Alabama is a new high school graduate! When Timothy showed up for his regular 7 a.m. shift at the Waffle House and told the manager, Cedric Hampton, that he’s unable to go to his graduation because his family was working, the ceremony was an hour away, and he didn’t purchase his cap and gown. Hampton sprung into action, “I could see in his eyes that he really wanted to go, and I was going to get him there no matter what. No kid should miss their high school graduation.” Hampton told The Washington Post.

Harrison was able to attend his graduation due to his co-workers at Waffle House and a few generous patrons. Now Harrison has a full scholarship to Birmingham’s Lawson State Community College and something so valuable, Hampton as a mentor to help him succeed. This is an inspiring story because everyone came together to allow Timothy Harrison to walk across that stage and celebrate graduating with his peers.

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