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A movement dedicated to creating positive race relations by sharing inspiring stories of the good things that Asian, Pacific Islander, Black, Hispanic, Indigenous, White, and Mixed people are doing for each other and America!

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We seek to promote stories about the good things people of different races and identities do for each other and the world. With the world these days focusing only on the worst of each other and ourselves, we seek to create a place where people of all communities can go to feel good about themselves and each other. By doing this, this shows that we stand definitively for all people and that we see the good in them. Most importantly reading these stories will remind ourselves that we're good people and the world is full of them. Finally, our goal is one day that it's you and us doing good and making news just like this.

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Positive Identity Podcast

This podcast series dedicated to celebrating positive race relations by highlighting the good work that people of different racial communities do for each other and the world.

We are supporters of the Asian, Black, Hispanic, White Communities and beyond. The Positive Identity team strongly believes in the power of everyone to uplift, edify and take action to create positive unity. We are here for all people! 

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